Proctoring Teachers

Posted on July 11, 2009


Happy Slurpee Day! Because it’s 7/11, get it?

Today I went to my new part-time gig, and yes – it is proctoring the state certification for teachers (Washington state does not accept national certification, you have to take our test). It went like this:

  • 5:15 Get up
  • 5:30 Walk dogs
  • 5:55 Feed dogs
  • 6:00 Leave house
  • 6:30 Eat breakfast in car
  • 6:45 Sign in
  • 7:15 Get to room, start process
  • 8:00 Start signing in “examinees”
  • 8:30 Start test
  • 1:30 End test
  • 2:00 Finish clean up, leave

If I have any loyal readers at this point, I mentioned this job here and here, just so you know it’s the same thing. My biggest concerns were disorganization and under-confident co-workers making things more confusing. My concerns were completely unfounded. The administrators have it all down to a science, including not calling people who exhibit undesirable responses during training.

I had plenty of help. I followed instructions better than most, but I wasn’t the only one who did. I did learn some things from more experienced proctors. I had less than 100 pieces of material to inventory and track, which is nothing after the projects at Pearson’s Auburn Scoring Center.

If anything, it made Pearson a more desirable place of employment. Today in particular I observed that Pearson listens to feedback from the workforce and adapts its support materials according to lessons learned during operational efforts. That’s pretty damn cool.

Okay, enough of that. It’s hot here in Kent, I’ve been awake a long time for a Saturday, and I wasn’t even planning to blog today. Time to settle in for a MonsterQuest marathon on the History Channel.