Eberron Game Session 7/24/09

Posted on July 25, 2009


WotC_EberronI run a 3.5E D&D game, roughly every two weeks, for four people. My wife plays a shifter cleric of the The Traveler. Rachel plays a half-elf rogue. Tyson plays a kalashtar psion. Greg plays a Valenar elf fighter.

Over the last few sessions, they’ve been working for the Xen’drik Lightning Rail Limited Partnership, an alliance of dragonmarked houses and the Church of the Silver Flame to build a lightning rail line from Stormreach to the Ring of Storms. An expedition from the Church vanished somewhere near the Ring during the Last War. House Orien heads the project, hoping to recover from losses suffered on the Day of Mourning and the day it lost the White Arch Bridge over Scions Sound, by increasing access to fields of dragonshards and charging for it.

Most recently they helped some drow compete in a tournament of champions event deep in the Xen’drik jungles. Those drow asked for help returning to their village, and our heroes agreed to protect them. When they got to the village, it seemed deserted. The villagers were hiding because they’d been raided by forest trolls and rival drow. When the heroes found out about the raids, they agreed to help defend the village. Last night they found a bandit camp, and followed the trail back to an ancient building on the edge of a canyon.

I’m happy because:

  • We got through 4 encounters in 2.5 hours
  • My players were intrigued by a villager’s fearful reaction to a bandit mentioning “the Citadel.”
  • They figured out that some of the coins they found were Dhakaani, and tens of thousands of years old.
  • They’re puzzled by the site they found, partially on one edge of a canyon and partially on a spire that stands in the middle of the canyon.

In two weeks, things are only going to get more interesting…

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