Ujjayi saves Statesman

Posted on July 26, 2009


Ujjayi_and_Statesman.small This is a screenshot that I took of my tank, Ujjayi, after he rescued Statesman from Tyrant, solo, in City of Heroes.

In the game, Statesman is a very important superhero, possibly the most important in the game’s fictional universe. Tyrant is an evil alternate universe version of Statesman. He has a bunch of henchmen with him, and my character beat them all – very carefully, using pulls to get a few of them at a time, and then healing up between bouts.

I’m proud that this was part of taking Ujjayi to Level 50 (maximum level in CoH), but it’s a bit disappointing. You get normal experience points and villains drop normal rewards. There are no special accolades, titles, or badges. It’s just another day at the office for your average, everyday costumed superhero.

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