Pack Leadership: July Recap

Posted on July 31, 2009


Usually I write about leadership insights I gain while working with my dogs on Mondays, but I wanted to recap this month’s posts.

  • Identify your message. Keep it simple. Identify your target audience. Communicate your message to your target audience. Reap the benefits.
  • Your people are watching you constantly. If you’re in a leadership position, you need to stay aware of your actions, word choice, and tone of voice.
  • Whoever is present is leading your team. If you’re never there, you’re not in charge.
  • If someone on your team ignores your messages, he (or she) might be stupid, rebellious, stubborn, incompetent, or confused. On the other hand, he (or she) might need you to change your communication style or medium.

And this month’s inspiring image:



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