Running Insights 1

Posted on August 2, 2009


One of my earliest posts in this blog was about what I learned from running. Actually, I know a lot of practical things about running, so I’m starting a series on the topic.

  • Shoes: If you’re going to train for races, go to a specialty store. Personally, I like Road Runner Sports. They have a good selection of brands and sizes, and the staff are very good about fitting. I recommend replacing annually, but if you run a lot, you may want to replace sooner.
  • Underwear: Speaking of fitting, please make sure your undergarments fit and provide enough support to keep you comfortable. Also, for the other runners if not for yourself, replace your underwear regularly. Seriously.
  • Stretching: The older I get, the more I need to stretch before and after I run. Try yoga.
  • Knees: You can do a lot to protect your knees through good stretching. Focus on your entire leg, from feet to hips. Stretches that open your hips can really help your knees.
  • Hills: Learn to love them. First, because running up and down hills makes you use different muscles which keeps you from wearing out one set too soon. Second, because even a minor slope can take a tremendous amount of pressure off your knees.
  • Weights: Squats, leg curls, and leg extensions can all help your joints. The more pressure your muscles can stand, the more they can protect your joints.
  • Reading: Runner’s World is a great read, and your specialty running shoe store will have plenty more national and local periodicals to check out. They’re full of event notices, training tips, and editorials that you can use.
  • Distance or Speed: Your choice. Personally, I recommend at least one speed workout per week. If you can easily cover your goal distance, spend more time on speed.

Run like a child!