NW Trek Run Wild

Posted on August 20, 2009


The other day I got an e-mail from NW Trek. I wasn’t surprised. I ran in their Run Wild event last year. I just couldn’t resist running a 5K race (they have an 8K and a 5K walk, too) inside a wildlife park. I had a great time there, and I wanted to run again this year.

The e-mail was a reminder about the event, and an invitation to register. Consider for a moment what they did right:

  • Targeting: They sent e-mail to people who ran the event last year, so they knew they had their target audience.
  • Brevity: Two sentences on one line, with a link to registration.
  • Emphasis: 11th annual, Run Wild, September 19th, link.
  • ABC: Always Be Closing. The end of the e-mail is a direct call to action: Register for the event.

They will get more people registering early because of this e-mail than they would otherwise. They will get more people talking about the event (like, for example, this blog post) and that in turn will get more people registering. Both of those things are good for cash-flow.

Obviously their e-mail impressed me, as a marketer. In fact, it impressed me so much that I wrote back, complimenting them on using personal invitations as a powerful marketing tool. The next morning I found a reply. Apparently I was not the only one who responded positively, but I was the only one handing out compliments. Will I register for that event now? You can’t stop me from spending that $25. I would have anyway, but getting a personal thank-you note from an organizer sealed the deal.

Join me for a day in the park (included in your registration fee, by the way)!

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