Running Insights 5

Posted on August 30, 2009


Every time I think I’m out, running pulls me back in. To this topic.

  • Eat bananas. Chances are, you’re going to get muscle cramps as a runner. You can fight cramps preemptively by increasing your potassium intake. There are lots of good natural sources, including bananas and potatoes. Remember: salt is potassium’s enemy, so you’ll also benefit by reducing your salt intake.
  • Wear dark shorts. You’re going to sweat. Gravity is going to make the sweat drain down your body. Unless you want to look like you wet your pants, wear dark shorts or leggings.
  • Wear reflective clothing. It drives me crazy to see runners out in the early morning or late evening and not wearing reflective clothing. It’s just too easy to wear something reflective and/or carry a small flashlight. Protect yourselves, people! Having the right of way is no protection from a ton of metal and gasoline driven by someone not paying careful attention.
  • Love the rain. It washes particulate pollution, dust, and allergens out of the air. Run in it.
  • Get off the street. Moving just a block away from a busy street drastically reduces the amount of pollution in the air.
  • But not too far. Be careful moving to grass or unpaved trails. The softer ground is better for your knees, true, but it can turn your ankle and sideline you for weeks.
  • Listen to Fear. When you think something is hard or tough, that’s Fear talking. Fear can hold you back, but it can also stop you from hurting yourself.
  • Listen to Courage. When you think something is challenging, and that makes you smile, that’s Courage talking. Courage can get you to try new things, but it can get you in over your head too.

Remember: Run like a child!

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