Running Insights 6

Posted on September 6, 2009


This week I’m going to talk about running etiquette. Most of it you learned in kindergarten, but there are some things specific to running.

  • Stay to the right. Everyone has to walk or tie a shoelace sometime, just stay to the right.
  • Be Considerate. When you’re passing, say “excuse me” or “on your right” – unless you’re passing on the left, of course. If you’re not in an event and passing a pedestrian, then say “hello” or at least wave.
  • Don’t spit. If you’re clearing your throat, or rinsing your mouth at a water station, be sure there’s no one next to you or behind you.
  • Look both ways. Even if you have the light. Make sure that any driver actually sees and acknowledges you.
  • Keep moving. Don’t stop when you cross the finish line. Hundreds, or maybe thousands depending on your event, of runners are right behind you and they all need to cross the finish line too.
  • Say something nice. The great thing about running is that everyone can set a personal record on the same day. Congratulate each other. Finishing is winning!

That’s all for this week. Remember: Run like a child!

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