Posted on September 12, 2009


It never occurred to me to host a convention in my own home until I met Monte and Sue Cook. “MonteCon” was an annual tradition for them. They invited a bunch of friends, most of whom were authors or game designers, to their house for a weekend of non-stop gaming. They supplied the space and the snacks, their friends supplied everything else. Every year the gaming was different, because the attendees were the ones bringing the games. We told Monte and Sue what we were bringing and described the events. Monte and Sue produced programs and we would “register” for each other’s events. It was an opportunity to socialize with people we only knew by name or by sight, to learn new games, and to have fun. We usually contributed to a pool that bought Monte and Sue some professional house cleaning afterward, but otherwise it was free.

Monte and Sue have moved away now, but a good idea never dies. I’m spending this weekend with most of the same people, at someone else’s house, playing games – when I’m not working or running a 5K race.