2009 Bank to Bay 5K

Posted on September 16, 2009


I’ve been stalling writing this, hoping to see my official time from the race. It’s not posted yet, though, and it might be several more days before it is, so let’s get to it.

What It Is

Key Bank sponsors a race in Tacoma. This year was the 10th annual. The race goes from Tollefson Plaza, near the Key Bank of course, to the bay, and back again. There are multiple events, including a kid’s 1K, a 10K, a 5K run, and a 5K walk. The plaza is full of exhibitors. New Balance is another big sponsor, so the gear and giveaways are usually top notch.

My Opinions

Pro: I love this race. It’s 20 minutes from my house, which is an easy drive. I go right off the highway into a parking area two three or four blocks from the starting line. That’s an easy walk. When I drive out the other side of the parking area, I’m right back on the highway and headed home. The more I race, the more important an easy getaway is afterward, so this is ideal. The Tacoma Police are invariably cordial and helpful. The volunteers are knowledgeable and friendly. The run starts in the museum district, about a block from the Museum of Glass, and it’s beautiful. The finish line is near the bottom of a hill, which is far better than being at the top of one. They race with timing chips, which I prefer. I know other methods are close to being that accurate, but I just feel better with individual time measurement.

Cons: It’s an out-and-back course, which is not my favorite. I prefer loops, but YMMV. This year the weather was warm (about 76 F) and sunny, and I prefer it cooler. I also prefer a little rain to clear the air, since I have allergies and asthma.

My Results

Okay, I have to be honest here. My unofficial time was 30:43.54. I have run 5Ks in under 30, and will again, but I didn’t manage it this time. It really brought out for me the importance of proper rest and nutrition leading up to a race. It also showed me that, while I do run hills in training, I need to spend some time and effort on longer ones. The course has a long, gentle slope leading up to a peak, followed by downhill to the finish. It just killed me. That being said, I was happy with my pace. I took the first two miles in about 9:30 each. Faster than that is too fast. Slower and I’m just not trying.

Saturday I’m doing Run Wild, in NW Trek. I’m running the 8K this year. I’ll try to have a review up on Sunday, which is my normal day to post about running. Until then: Run like a child!

Update: Photos

I forgot! I took photos with my phone before I ran.

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