I Hate Apple

Posted on September 30, 2009


I’ve got no time for OS wars. Yes, PCs are better for gaming, but the wide variety of configurations and standards are precisely why the best games come out for consoles first and then port over to PCs. Yes, Macs are beautifully designed, generally more stable and secure, and far better for graphic design. They both have strengths. Let it go.

No, I hate Apple because of iTunes. Initially, I resented the digital rights management scheme and proprietary formats that required me to own an iPod if I wanted access to the music store. I understand those things were necessary because of the relationship Apple negotiated with the music industry. The music industry resents Apple’s price-fixing monopoly, so it’s forcing Apple to remove the DRM system. See? Capitalism works. Sort of.

And yet, there’s iTunes. It’s like a freaking virus. You can’t get rid of it – and even if you do, you can’t update QuickTime without installing iTunes! Oh, sure, on the Apple website it looks like you can download QuickTime without iTunes, but when you actually try to install it, QuickTime requires you to install iTunes or quit the installation process. I hate it with an unreasonable, and unbridled, passion.

And then there’s the regular pop-ups requesting to install QuickTime, iTunes, and Safari. First, it infuriates me that there’s no way for me to tell this application – that I didn’t request or approve or install – that I never want to install some or all of those components. Then it frustrates me that Apple doesn’t change it’s communication based on feedback from this application. If I never approve the updates, why keep offering them to me? It’s just as much spam as the unsolicited e-mail for viagra.

Maybe it does come down to OS Wars. PC users generally want as few processes as possible running on their machines. Speaking for myself, I only want things running if I know what they are and if I choose for them to run. There’s just too many chances for processes to interfere with each other, or to use resources I need. I don’t know that Mac users have the same concern, so there’s no reason for Apple designers to be concerned about QuickTime installing iTunes – which runs at least two processes in the background on PCs all the time.

So you can keep your OS Wars. I hate Apple because of the tyranny of iTunes. Oh, and if I’m completely off-base, by all means tell me in the comments how to end the tyranny, and I’ll edit this post to apologize to Apple fans, Steve Jobs, and anyone else who might possibly care.