Sane Tweeting

Posted on October 14, 2009


I tweet quite a bit, 22 times a day on average. It may seem like I sit at my computer with Twitter, Seesmic, and Google Chrome open all day, constantly searching for topics to tweet. I just couldn’t do that. I have way too much energy, and way too much life to live. So here are my tips for using Twitter and staying sane.

Find It

During the day, while I’m on the web, if I see an interesting headline, I check it out. If the article falls into one of my many areas of interest, I bookmark the page in a folder that I call “Twitter Fodder.” That’s especially helpful over the weekends, when I try to avoid social media altogether. When I need a tweet, I go to that folder first. I also use WordPress’ Blog Surfer and Tag Surfer functions to find blogs articles tagged as being within my areas of interest.

Digg It

I use, but there are many other news aggregator sites. I check for articles that fall into my area of interest.

Check It

As I collect links and articles during the day, I try to stay alert for those that are “too good to be true.” I confess – I got fooled. I tweeted an article that turned out to quote The Onion. A friend pointed out to me that what I had mentioned in all earnestness was in fact a piece of satire. That just made me more careful. Now I read more carefully, and I try to find another source to confirm anything that pings my bologna detector.

Blog It

Obviously, I’ve got a blog. It appears automatically in my Facebook notes. I also tweet about it in my feed. I try to include a good title and hashtags, so even people who don’t follow me can find it.

Schedule It

I use, but I’m sure there are other free tools. Then, in the afternoon or evening, I open the Twitter Fodder folder, check Digg, review blog surfer and tag surfer, and both publish a blog post and copy its permalink. Using SocialOomph, I schedule all my tweets for the following day.

Plan It

I start my tweets early enough in the day to catch the East Coast of the US as they sit down to work, and run until the end of the day on the West Coast. I try to schedule all my serious tweets for the morning. Those usually cover world news, business, finance, government, and marketing topics in particular. I schedule my blog post for the middle of the day. Fun things – humor, personal interest, sports and fitness, technology, and gaming – I plan for late in the day. Sometimes I have so many posts on those topics that I start them right after my blog post, other times I have so many serious topics that they run into the middle of the afternoon. The point is, I set a pattern for myself so if you follow me, and you share some of my interests but not all of them, you’ve got a better idea when to check me out.


It takes me about an hour, not counting writing my blog, and I’m done for an entire day. I might re-tweet someone’s post during the day, but otherwise I rarely post “live.” I get on with my life, and my Twitter stream runs without running, or ruining, my life.

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