Some Keys to Happiness

Posted on October 20, 2009


There is no single key to happiness. Anyone who tells you that there is wants your money.

Happiness is important. People want to be around happy people, both socially and professionally. The worst mistake I ever made in customer service was letting go the happiest guy on our team. He wasn’t the most productive or the biggest expert, but he brought joy to the team every day. I hired him back the first chance I got.

The first key to happiness is this: It’s up to you. You have to find little moments of humor and joy in everyday life – and yes, that includes work. Taking time out for the little things is important. Finding a moment to enjoy a flower or a piece of chocolate is worth the precious few seconds it takes. It takes effort. You have to decide to be happy, to strive for it.

The second key is focusing on what makes you happy. Do you really need to do all those things that upset or frustrate you? Fix the things you can, get help with the things you can’t, and try to avoid everything else you can. That’s not easy either. Personally, I’m not thrilled by housecleaning. It needs to be done, though, so I focus my mind on the benefits. I have asthma and allergies, so keeping the place clean improves my quality of life. For bigger projects, I ask my wife for help, or work swap with family and friends.

Be happy. Life’s too short.