Posted on October 26, 2009


I wasn’t going to write anything. I felt uninspired. Ironically, that’s exactly the kind of thing that challenges me. When I don’t want to do something that I should do, I feel challenged to find a way to motivate myself.

Challenge is important. My friend, former co-worker, and fellow Waho…I mean Cavalier, Lara Dalch, wrote a blog post about challenge. That got me thinking, and then writing. Problem solved, right?

The thing is, it’s never solved. Every time I challenge myself, I have to set up another challenge. That’s why I’ve decided to run the Christmas Rush 10K in December. I usually run 5K races, but I ran an 8K in September and that went really well. I know the Christmas Rush course is fairly flat. Now I just need to train.

When things get tough, it’s easy – even natural – to retract, to pull back into our shells, to stick with what’s comfortable. The thing is, experiencing challenges builds self-confidence. Confidence gets you through tough times. It’s a constructive spiral, rather than a destructive one. Whether you succeed or fail at the challenge, learn something from it!

There you go. If brevity is the soul of wit, I hope that sincerity makes up for any dearth of words in a blog post.