I reject the Evil

Posted on December 23, 2009


I have a confession to make: I’m the tax man. This year I chose to attend the Jackson-Hewitt tax preparation course, and I accepted an offer of employment from them. This post isn’t about that, no matter how evil you think income taxes are.

No, this is about WalMart. You see, this year, Jackson-Hewitt will have kiosks set up in WalMarts across the company. I was assigned to one.

I was willing to eat what I know about how they treat their employees. I was willing to set aside my pre-conceived notions about the impact of WalMart stores on local economies. I was willing to accept all that and work for Jackson-Hewitt in a WalMart.

Then an old war buddy of mine brought this story to my attention. WalMart, and many other companies, inflate shipping to APO addresses even though all they’re doing is shipping to New York (the Department of Defense picks up the shipping from there). After the story broke, WalMart recanted. Now look at those bylines. Yep, they recanted between Dec 16 and Dec 19, well after the majority of their shoppers shipped their gifts. In other words, after making all their money, WalMart got caught with its hand in the piggy bank, and reversed its policy when it would cost them little or nothing to do so.

I’ve got nothing against making money. I understand that sometimes tough choices have to be made, especially in tough times. I get it. So I thought about the issue for about a week. I did my own research (which is how I learned of the recant). Then I reached a decision: As a veteran, I cannot support an organization that rips off our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and military families. I cannot work in such a place, even when I don’t work for it.

Today I told Jackson-Hewitt about my decision and my reasoning. We’ll see what happens. I may or may not sleep better, but at least I can look myself in the shaving mirror.