Decency Day

Posted on January 14, 2010


Today, despite low morale and energy – no doubt caused more by the new antibiotic regime than actual illness, I drove down to the WinCo to restock our groceries. It can be a madhouse, cacophonous with languages that I don’t speak (but well worth it for the low prices). While I was there, I witnessed:

  • A man laughing at himself and saying “excuse me,” and meaning it.
  • A boy focusing on keeping his little brother happy and occupied, instead of racing around being crazy.
  • A big ‘ol white boy letting a little, elderly, African-American woman go ahead of him at checkout since she only had one item – and doing so with a smile.

The road home has two lanes closed, one each at two different locations. I let someone change lanes ahead of me, and actually got a sincere thank-you wave (I assume it’s sincere if the waver tries to make eye-contact in the mirror, and does more than just flap a hand at me).

So, in less than two hours, I witnessed four examples of human beings being courteous and decent to each other. That’s pretty darned amazing.