Exercise Program Wk 1

Posted on January 25, 2010


I live in the greater Seattle area. Our winters tend to be dark, and wet. I have asthma, and exercising in cold weather is a problem for me. In previous winters, I either exercised in the gym where I worked, or drove down to the training room in our community center. This winter I don’t have a car, so that limited my options. When the weather improves, I want to run again. I know the first run of the year can be Hell, especially if it’s a race. So I want to exercise all year, to be ready for running.

Like a lot of people, exercising just to exercise bores me silly. I need goals. I decided to challenge myself with these three programs. Last week was my first full week. I did sit-ups and squats Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I did push-ups (press-ups, for any UK readers) Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The day after I started, I was in agony. I could barely walk. The challenge of just doing it inspired me, though, so I kept on. Each day the exercises got tougher, but to my surprise the pain got less. Apparently pain really is fear leaving the body.

As time goes on, I’ll try to give weekly updates on my progress.

Week 1: 155 sit-ups, 97 push-ups, and 214 squats.