Exercise Program Week 2

Posted on February 2, 2010


Week 2 of the three exercise programs I’m running simultaneously went well, in that it showed me some weaknesses. I hurt my back almost 20 years ago, so I have to be very careful doing sit-ups. Upper body strength has never been my forte, so push-ups are difficult. I find myself doing them on my knees. The totals were 244 sit-ups, 160 push-ups, and 290 squats.

The good news is that the program has a re-evaluation built into week 3, so you can adjust your program in the following weeks. I saw real improvement in all three areas, so I’m happy. Next week I’ll talk about the results of the three “exhaustion tests”, and about the running that I’ll do during the rest of the week.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you to consider this. I think that exercise programs reveal the following things about us (and about me, specifically):

  • The initiative to seek out a development plan.
  • The ability to internalize a plan and make it part of our other activities.
  • The drive to see a program through to the end.
  • The capacity to recognize and address weaknesses so that the plan succeeds.

Fitness isn’t just about exercise or physicality, it’s about how we approach life itself.

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