Starting Over

Posted on February 22, 2010


I hate starting over. There’s no good reason for that. Starting over is completely natural. Nature starts over every Spring. Humans constantly start over by having children – that’s Life, starting again.

Of course, Nature (and Life) aren’t starting from scratch. Nature builds on what came before. Trees resume growing, they don’t start over from seeds. It helps me to think about that as I jump back into the threepart challenge that I set for myself. I didn’t fail. I got sick. It happens. When I begin again, I’m building on the fitness I already established. The mere fact that I am beginning again means that I did not quit.

Hating starting over, failure, or quitting – that drives me. That makes me want to overcome any challenge, to do the work to be great.

So, today, I’m re-starting week 4 with 106 sit-ups and 108 squats.

Go me!

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