Not Dead, Just Working

Posted on April 19, 2010


Good gravy! No blog post in 2 months? I mean, I knew it had been awhile, but not that long. Let’s catch up.

Work: I started March 1st with the 2010 US Census. It’s a decent, albeit temporary, job. As an admin clerk, I handle all the HR responsibilities for our Local Census Office (LCO). From recruiting to paying to terminating, admin clerks do it all. We’ll have over 1000 people working by the end of this month, and we’ll let almost all of them go by the end of May. It’s really startling how fast an ad hoc bunch of paid, civic-minded, volunteers come together, conduct the census, and then disperse.

Exercise: As many of you are aware, full-time work takes a lot of energy. The first week or so of working for the census, I was too exhausted to exercise. As it is, I’m giving the three programs I’ve referred to in early posts a rest. I’m focusing on running for now. The race season is in full swing, and I want to compete in my favorites.

Life: As if work and exercise were somehow separate from life, right? Well, my wife and I got in a fight over a rabbit. My lovely, and loving, wife deals with clinical depression every day. I have largely dealt with my own depression thanks to three years of counseling and a lot of positive actions, but I empathize. I understand how things that excited you can fade into the “shit-hum” of everyday existence. People who are depressed often need to bring new things into their life in order to feel excited and happy. Then those things fade into the brown background noise of life and cease to be thrilling. My fear whenever my wife starts something new is that she will carry through it for a few weeks, then drop it. Cleaning up can become my responsibility. So last week she wanted to adopt a dwarf rabbit, and my fear kicked in. Except this time, it was the fear that responsibility for a precious living creature would fall on my shoulders. Expressing my fear led to a lot of hurt feelings. We’ve worked it out, and come to an agreement.

And now we have a dwarf rabbit named Beatrix.

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