Still Looking

Posted on May 17, 2010


I’m not unemployed.

I was unemployed for about six months after leaving Wizards of the Coast, and I’ve been working ever since. Even when the economy tanked, I still had jobs. That’s the trouble: I had jobs. Temp jobs, part-time jobs, freelance jobs, and seasonal jobs. I even co-founded a social gaming company (we’re in Alpha) and started a writing project for entrepreneurs.

I keep looking for “work,” though. I try to keep talking about it, too. The truth is, if I apply for a job that I see advertised, I’m competing with everyone else who saw that same advertisement. That might be hundreds or even thousands of people. On the other hand, if I talk to the network of people that I know, and tell them that I’m still looking, I’m far more likely to learn about opportunities before they’re advertised. I’m likely to hear about jobs that I wouldn’t think about applying for, because someone in my network knows me and knows the job, and sees a good fit.

So yes, even as I work for the US Census, I’m still looking for longer term employment. Statistically speaking, so are most of the people around you, even if they have “real” jobs. Most folks will stay put until the job market improves. Then there will be a period of adjustment while people shift around. Then the revolution in thinking will come around again, and taking care of employees so their expertise stays in-house will come to the fore again.

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