Iron Man Boo

Posted on May 26, 2010


Just so you have the right idea: I really liked almost all of Iron Man 2, and yes – there will be spoilers, almost immediately. If you haven’t seen it yet, crawl out from under your rock and go see it.

So there we are, my wife and I, enjoying the spectacle of Iron Man 2, and we get to the end, and it annoyed me. There’s Tony Stark and Jim Rhodes getting their medals, and I was annoyed because it was all Tony’s fault. You read that right. All that property damage, and all those injured people at the Stark Expo, were Tony’s fault.

The movie points out, through Natasha Romanoff, that Tony a) could have stopped Rhodey from stealing the Iron Man armor (because, come on, there’s no way that Rhodey was enough of an expert in the armor to beat its inventor), and b) could have stopped the armor in its track with the security systems at his disposal. Being Tony Stark, he knew why the US military wanted his armor. The US government wanted it for a weapon. Stark also had to know that if the US couldn’t turn to Stark Industries to weaponize the armor, then it would turn to Justin Hammer.

In other words, Tony Stark knowingly gave the armor to Justin Hammer to weaponize, and everything that came after that is Tony’s fault. Okay, maybe he assumed Hammer technology just wouldn’t work. Granted, he didn’t know that Hammer had broken Ivan Vanko out of jail and put him to work. Okay, if Senator Stern wasn’t trying to make a political career out of acquiring the armor, the end wouldn’t have happened. Still, Tony Stark put the Iron Man armor into Justin Hammer’s hands.

I sure hope that Tony Stark faces some consequences for his careless, irresponsible behavior in the next film. That’s what he needs to redeem himself from now.

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