Doctor Rich

Posted on June 2, 2010


I got a new nickname a week or so ago. A co-worker started calling me, “Doctor Richard.” The name caught on, and now everybody calls me that a couple of times a day.

The originator of the nickname said he gave it to me because I diagnose problems and cure them. He’s right. I can’t help it. Me and a problem are like a terrier and a rat. I can’t let go of it until I figure it out and fix it. I can’t leave it for someone else.

Before I got the nickname, a co-worker called me brilliant because I found something that no one else could. I told her that I wasn’t brilliant. I had worked with brilliant people, and I knew it when I saw it, and finding a folder didn’t require brilliance. It required persistence.

I like being called Doctor Rich. I like being recognized for my persistence, my diligence in resolving problems, and my refusal to shift problems onto someone else.

Of course, half the time when he calls me  that, I think of Denis Leary dealing with Dr. Dre in Who’s the Man?.

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