Posted on October 18, 2010


I really enjoyed the first few seasons of Psych, but this season is leaving me flat. It’s not the acting or the directing, it’s the writing.

In the first seasons, Shawn Spencer was a real character. He worried that the Santa Barbara police would discover that he faked being a psychic. At the same time, he worked very hard at being a good detective. Burton “Gus” Guster had a real job, that put real demands on his time. Shawn’s relationship with his father was full of real tension, as if they really did have a life time of baggage to overcome.

This season, Shawn is a caricature. He’s glib, and only occasionally worries about his love life. He does outrageous things constantly, and just assumes he’ll get away with them. Gus is better written, but any grounding in the real world is gone for him too. Shawn’s relationship with his father is full of joshing and rivalry, but no real tension.

It seems like a replay of what happened with Monk, also a USA Network show. At some point, the writers stopped treating Monk as a real character with a serious flaw and lot of heartbreak, and played his OCD for laughs.

I’m thinking it’s time for Psych to come off our DVR line-up.

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