Pack Leadership

Posted on November 10, 2010


Kai, flat-coat/chow mix, and Rustle, miniature poodle

It’s been awhile since I wrote one of these, and it’s been awhile (although not as long) since I walked my dogs. About two weeks ago, I hurt my back. That and the heavy rains we’ve had kept me from walking the dogs. Today I walked them, and I noticed two things.

  • I rely on the leash too much. The dogs get used to the leash correcting them, so when there’s no leash they may ignore corrections. I need to use my voice as well.
  • I said it once before, but returning to an activity opens your eyes to ways that you can do it better, or ways in which your team has gotten lazy.

You have activities that you only do occasionally. Taxes, semi-annual revues, and budget planning are three examples. I know teams on which I’ve worked faced those things with grim reluctance. We often felt that they took us away from our “real work.” Now I think that each one is an opportunity to see your team members outside their comfort zones. Those opportunities let you see strengths and weaknesses you missed before. They give you chances to mentor and inspire your people in ways they don’t need during their everyday week.

Walking my dogs after a break to heal up let me see them with fresh eyes. They reminded me to use multiple forms of communication, and I got to reinforce their leash training. I look forward to what comes next.

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