Learning from Movies: Buckaroo Banzai

Posted on January 17, 2011


  • You can check your anatomy all you want, and even though there may be normal variation, when it comes right down to it, far enough inside the head it all looks the same
  • Don’t tug on that. You never know what it might be attached to
  • We don’t have to be mean
  • No matter where you go, there you are
  • Why? Because you’re perfect
  • Home is where you wear your hat
  • Being ionized is a temporary condition
  • There’s a reason for the watermelon, even if we don’t tell you what it is
  • History is made at night. Character is who you are in the dark
  • You have to connect the dots if you want to penetrate
  • Together, we can build yesterday’s tomorrow today
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