Running Insights

Posted on January 26, 2011


I hope I never finish blogging about running. I want to keep learning as I keep running!

  1. Keep your shirt on. Yes, yes, you’re super buff. I’m happy for you. Now put your shirt back on. Clothing traps sweat so it evaporates more slowly, helping you keep cool.
  2. Wear UV-protective clothing. Protect your skin.
  3. Wear sunblock. Protect your skin. Seriously!
  4. Experiment. Try running tights. You might like them. I tried hats and sweatbands before I settled on bandannas in hot weather and knit beanies in cold.
  5. Sleep. Good news! Increasing your exercise regimen (or starting one) helps you sleep two ways. First, it helps you deal with stress. Second, it wears you out.
  6. Run when you can. If it’s hot, you’ll need to run early or late to beat the heat. See #5, and take naps!
  7. Split ’em up. You don’t need to run all your miles all at once. In fact, if you’re trying to burn fat (like me), running more than once a day is an excellent choice.
  8. KISS (Keep It Simple, Smiling). I see people with their Nike iPod systems and their hydration belts and their pockets stuffed with energy chews out running all the time. Good for them! Whatever gets you out there is fine. Personally, when I start thinking of running as too time-consuming or complicated, I simplify. If I’ve got my running shoes on, I can go for a short run.
  9. Be charitable. I beg you, when you get new running shoes, donate your old ones to a charity.

Remember: Run like a child!