I Would Suck

Posted on March 30, 2011


I would suck at being a couch potato.

I don’t love TV

I’m sure someone out there could explain why I don’t enjoy television, probably with a lot of psychology and marketing data thrown in. The bottom line is, I can’t just lie around and watch TV. The commercials annoy me. I don’t enjoy enough of the programming. My memory is too good to tolerate repeats. I’m in the early industrial era (as opposed to the stone age) of technology, and can’t stream from my computer to my television. I like our DVD collection, but I almost always prefer new material to something I’ve seen before. So there needs to be more entertainment and stimulation for me.

I roll my own

From a very early age, my parents encouraged me to entertain myself. If I didn’t have something, they encouraged me to make a substitute. The lengths to which I was willing to go to make things told them how serious I was about any particular want. I grew up with Legos, Lincoln Logs, and Fischer Technik. That encouraged me to be creative. Then I discovered Dungeons & Dragons, and I haven’t looked back since. When I run out of books to read, I write stories that I would enjoy reading. When I run out of games, I write my own material. I blog, I tweet, and I network via social media. I’d rather sit at my computer, writing and listening to music, than turn my brain off and stare at the boob tube.

I like people

I enjoy meeting new people and interacting them, especially if I can be of some service or help to them. I’m not going to meet them at my house. I need to get out and move around. I need to experience the world. Sometimes I run errands just to see new people and places.

I run

Speaking of moving around, I like running. Birds have to fly, bees have to buzz, and I have to run. I also enjoy hiking, walking my dogs, yoga, and calisthenics. As a result, my energy level is much higher than for many people my age. I’ve been known to work people 10-20 years younger than me into the ground, with a smile on my face. Physical fitness has made me too energetic to enjoy lying on a couch, or sitting in a recliner.

Bless you

If you can relax and be still, more power to you. I prefer to meditate while moving, but I respect stillness. It’s just not for me.

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