Learn Nothing and Like It!

Posted on May 23, 2011


Two of my columns, Learning from Movies and Just Look Away, will move to Forces of Geek as of June 1st. Hopefully I will contribute value (as well as content) to their site. Theoretically, it’s a simple process: I write, they publish, you read, advertisers notice, we all win. We just have to take it one blog post at a time.

Between now and then, I’ll be thinking about movies to use in the columns and recharging my batteries.


The Wednesday posts will continue.

New Content

It’s possible that by July I will have new ideas for the Monday & Friday slots. That’s a lot of blogging, though, and I’d rather spend my time writing things for which I get paid. Certainly at first, I’ll be posting here when new content goes up at Forces of Geek. I always post on Twitter when I publish something new, so please follow me (@RichRedman) if you don’t already.

Audience Particip…

You can help with the move. Suggest some movies that you’d like to see handle with love (Learning from Movies) or disdain (Just Look Away) in the comments.