On the Bubble: Ringer

Posted on September 28, 2011


We decided to watch Ringer based on Sarah Michelle Gellar alone. We enjoyed Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and its spinoff series, Angel. That gave us enough loyalty to SMG that we would check out movies like The Grudge (but not the sequel) and Southland Tales.

The fact that Ringer was on the CW worried me a bit, because I find that network a bit hit or miss. Both the creators wrote for Supernatural, a show that we loved (more on that another week), so we thought Ringer deserved a chance.

I’ll warn you: There’s spoilers below, when it goes On the Bubble.

We Watched It

SMG stars as Siobhan Martin, a woman who’s six-month sober and witness to a murder. Afraid of the killer, she escapes witness protection and runs off to her twin sister, Bridget. Bridget takes her out on a boat, and Siobhan passes out.

When Siobhan wakes up, Bridget’s gone. Siobhan thinks she’s committed suicide. Returning to Bridget’s home, Siobhan has to decide: Should she take Bridget’s place, or reveal herself and go back into witness protection?

On the Bubble

Sadly, Ringer went on the bubble at the end of the pilot, when the writers (who were also the creators) chose the most boring possible reveal.

At the end of the pilot, we learn that Bridget is alive and living in Paris. We don’t know why she tried to escape her life, but apparently she’s know trying to have Siobhan killed. Again, we don’t know why.

My wife and I were both immediately disappointed. An evil twin who fakes her own death so the good twin has to take the fall for…something, I guess, just seems so predictable. It seems like stereotypical soap opera.


Here’s what we expected: Twice as much SMG as in Buffy, through flashbacks. We expected that someone would kill Bridget, and Siobhan would spend the series fitting into her sister’s life, escaping the murderer, and racing to figure out who killed her sister before the mysterious person or group came back to finish the job – not realizing that the resurrected Siobhan was actually Bridget. We expected more thriller and conspiracy.

What we got was pretty standard, by-the-numbers, soap opera – complete with surprise pregnancies, drug-addicted teens, multiple extramarital affairs, and yes, an evil twin.

By the time the credits rolled, we didn’t care. I guess we’re just not the target audience (Women, 18-34, in case you’re interested).


As I write this, we’ve only seen the pilot and the second episode. We’ll watch the third episode when it airs, and make a decision about the show. I do realize that some programs take awhile to get started, and it looks like Ringer will get its chance. The pilot pulled a three-year high rating in its time slot for the CW, so I’m sure the network thinks it has a winner. For SMG’s sake, if for no other reason, I hope it finds its legs.

Let me know. We could always start watching it again.

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