On the Bubble: Breaking In

Posted on March 7, 2012


A light-hearted TV show starring Christian Slater that hearkened back to his movie, Kuffs? Shut up, I like that movie. Add in Bret Harrison, who starred in Reaper for two seasons (yes, he was also in the relaunch of V, but I won’t hold that against him), and we were sure to watch.

We Watched It

Cameron Price (Bret Harrison) figures out how to hack his college’s computers to give himself a full scholarship for life. He’s living the high-life when Contra Security threatens to expose him.

Oz Osbourne (Christian Slater) runs Contra Security. Cameron joins tech geek Cameron “Cash” Sparks (Alphonso McAuley) and thief Melanie Garcia (Odette Annable). Cameron discovers that Oz has neither a conscience nor a moral compass.

Contra Security runs “tiger team” exercises for its clients, where it tests their security by breaking in. It gets those clients by staging robberies and break-ins.

Cameron falls instantly in lust with Melanie, but she’s with Dutch (Michael Rosenbaum), even though Dutch is an idiot musclehead.

Cameron has to cope with Oz’s mind games, his desire for Melanie, and Dutch’s oblivious attempts to make friends while trying to keep his job so Oz doesn’t turn Cam in for his college hacking.


On the Bubble

The initial season of Breaking In ran only 7 episodes. Two days after cancelling it, Fox renewed it for a thirteen episode, mid-season replacement, run.

Once again our tendency to be shippers hooked us on a show. We loved the interplay between Cam, Cash, and Melanie. Christian Slater seems to revel in a role where he gets to mess with people’s heads and do outrageous things.

Michael Rosenbaum was a delight as Dutch, a role completely reversed from his Lex Luthor on Smallville. He was hilariously dim but well meaning.

Geeky in-jokes! Hijinks! Capers! Inter-office pranks!


We watched a little Will & Grace, so we’ve seen Megan Mulally before. This season, she plays Veronica, a representative of OCP (yes, I know, the company from Robocop – but this time it’s run by Rowdy Roddy Piper). OCP buys Contra, which makes Veronica the new boss.

Really? What the show needed was to add a brassy boss who doesn’t respect the other characters and doesn’t want to run Contra? How exactly was that better than having Dutch around? And hey – what happened to Anna Ng (Ali Wong), Cash’s love interest? So, Cam (a white boy) has a clear shot at Melanie, and there’s sure to be some romantic tension between Oz (another white boy) and Veronica, but the token black character in the show can’t have a love interest?

Good writing could save this. We’ll watch and see what happens.


You know what’s worse than an inexplicable cast change? When they keep the characters but cast new actors. What cast changes have pissed you off at a show that you liked?

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