Long Good-Bye: Eureka

Posted on April 18, 2012


I don’t remember why we started watching Eureka in 2006. If anything, it was the promise of watching Joe Morton play a genius in a town full of geniuses. Still, we have been watching since the pilot.

We Watched It

Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) is a United States Marshal with a divorce and a brilliant daughter who likes to run away from home. One day, after picking up Zoe (Jordan Hinson) again, they have a little accident and wind up in Eureka.

Founded after WWII, Eureka exists to give geniuses free range to experiment. Owned by the Department of Defense and run by General Dynamic Corporation, Eureka keeps America on the cutting edge of science and technology.

The sheriff is getting ready to retire during a weird crime wave. He asks Jack to work with his deputy, Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra), in resolving the crimes. When the dust settles, Jack is the sheriff of a town full of geniuses, his daughter is smart enough to enroll in Eureka High School, and wackiness ensues.

Long Good-bye

This is the final season of Eureka. From the first episode, it seems that the writers are throwing out the rulebook in the best way, and coming at things in new and original ways.


Here at Casa Redman, we sincerely hope for a return of Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn). We miss ya, big guy.

I’m sure the whole cast, including  Niall Matter, Neil Grayston, and Chris Gauthier will all find more work soon.


What show have you lost, that you miss?

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