Posted on May 9, 2012


As another season winds down, I thought I would take some time to do a recap of our TV watching.

  • House: The show is ending, and we don’t care. Of course I hope the final season is their best work, and they all go on to great things, but they’re not reaching out to lapsed viewers so we’re not watching.
  • Psych: Frikkin’ great season. Bravo, gang. We’re totally watching.
  • Ringer: Oh, so dropped.
  • Haven: Waiting for new episodes, which won’t happen until later this year.
  • NCIS: Meh. This season felt like it was searching for something, and they didn’t find it until a new big villain popped up. Definitely on the bubble.
  • Person of Interest: I take it all back. This show has found its footing and is running full speed. Not every episode is great, but it’s all worth watching.
  • Covert Affairs: There will be a season 3 starting in July! Yay!
  • Burn Notice: It felt like Burn Notice was struggling this past season, but the way the season ended…whoo! How can I not watch next season?
  • White Collar: Also renewed. Super excited. Love those guys.
  • Supernatural: With the arrival of the Leviathans, Supernatural suddenly took off. Episodes advance the overall story arc noticeably. No character is safe. We can’t look away.
  • Leverage: We’re still on the bubble with Leverage.
  • Destination Truth: Josh Gates is still a manipulative ass.
  • Hawaii Five-O: The show took a sharp left toward jumping the shark this season. They started focusing on McGarrett’s back story and his father’s death. He started separating himself from the team to pursue his own interests. Now, that’s partly because Alex O’Loughlin put himself in the hospital for exhaustion and they had to work around that. On the other hand, the cross-over episode with NCIS: Los Angeles was pretty darn good. We’ll have to keep watching.
  • Alcatraz: Alcatraz picked up steam toward the end of the season. Suddenly, the story advanced every episode and the stakes kept getting hiring. We’ll definitely watch a second season.
  • Castle: Are you kidding? Did you see the zombie episode? We can’t look away.
  • Lost Girl: I don’t want to like this show, but I want to see where it’s going.
  • CSI Miami: Still don’t care.
  • Glee: Rapidly losing interest.
  • Breaking In: If there are any more episodes, it will still be on the bubble.
  • Missing: Dropped
  • Touch: I want to hate this show for manipulating me so much, but I’m fascinated by how the writers keep jerking my heartstrings.
  • The River: Really? That’s how you’re going to end a season? Seriously, people, that’s how you end an episode of The Twilight Zone, not a whole season.
  • Whitechapel: So, if DI Chandler likes a woman, she dies? Is this a recurring pattern throughout his life? What happened to his mom? This show is hit-or-miss with me.
  • Being Human: We’ve moved on.
  • Eureka: Awesome. So sad it’s the last season.
  • Top Gear: Pretty damn entertaining again. Sticking.
  • The Finder: Still fun.

I’m pretty sure there are more shows on our DVR series record list that I haven’t talked about yet, but I can’t believe we watch that much TV. Maybe if it was all on at once and we had to make more choices, we’d actually watch less.


So, what jumped out at you from this most recent season?

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