On the Bubble: Revolution

Posted on September 26, 2012


By now it should be obvious to readers of this blog that I am a sucker for scifi on TV. So all I had to hear was that Revolution was a post-apocalypse show from JJ Abrams and Eric Kripke (who we mostly know from his work on Supernatural) with Tim Guinee and Billy Burke and I was ready to watch.

In fact, we watched the pilot early because our cable service made it available for free.

We Watched It

One night, Ben (Tim Guinee) comes racing home from work in a panic. Nothing special is happening, but he seems to think that a disaster is coming. He tries to call his brother Miles (Billy Burke), when the power goes out. All of the power, all over the world. Nothing electrical works.

Fifteen years later, Ben and his now-teenage kids live in a farming village. One day the militia shows up and Captain Tom Neville (the always terrific Giancarlo Esposito) has orders to take Ben to his boss. Ben’s son resists, Ben tries to calm things down, and he gets shot. Neville takes Ben’s son to placate the militia leadership.

Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Ben’s daughter, heeds his dying command, and heads to Chicago to find her uncle Miles so that, together, they can track down her brother.


On the Bubble

The pilot was directed by Jon Favreau, and I’m a huge fan of his work.

The action moves quickly and the story zips along.

The characters are vivid and well-drawn.

There’s definitely some mystery and conspiracy going on, and the pilot gives us an intriguing taste.

So why am I not sticking?


The action is a little over-the-top. They haven’t settled on a reality level yet – or they need a better fight choreographer and second-unit director.

Also, and many other critics and commentators have commented on this, everyone is too damn clean. Their clothes are clean, their faces are clean, and their hair is perfect. It’s not a big deal, but it’s irritating. It reminds me that I’m only watching a TV show and breaks the suspension of disbelief.


Have you ever watched a show where some little thing just drove you crazy?

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