Posted on October 10, 2012


Because Jo and I recently culled our DVR list, it seems like a good time to review our watching habits.


  • NCIS – We watched the first two episodes of the season. They killed the big baddie in episode 1, after we waited all last season for the show to find a purpose. Episode 2 was all about relationships. We can watch other shows for our shipper fix.
  • Revolution – Couldn’t muster the interest to keep watching.
  • Last Resort – In the second episode, a band of Spetsnaz intruders walked right into a killzone, in open ground. I’m sorry, but I have way too much respect for elite special operators to buy that. I was not elite, or a special operator, in the service, and I know enough not to do that. Nope, I’m done.
  • Glee – We lost interest.

On the Bubble

  • Haven – Jo loves the show, and this season already feels like its racing toward an apocalyptic moment, so we’ll keep watching.
  • Covert Affairs – this was a tough season for Annie Walker (Piper Perabo). I’m not sure where the writers are taking her. I could go either way, but I’ll definitely watch more to see.
  • Burn Notice – Jo is losing interest in this show. I’m not ready to give up yet.
  • Supernatural – I was very excited to see the boys were back in town. No one expected this show to go this many seasons. That said, the Leviathans are gone, Bobby is dead, Castiel is somewhere in Purgatory, and the boys are protecting the Word of God (and a prophet) from Crowley (Mark Sheppard). Not sure where they’re going to go or how they’re going to sustain interest.
  • Leverage – I enjoyed the most recent episodes. The relocation to Portland and the relationships between Nate and Sophie, and between Parker and Alec, feel real and move at a reasonable pace. We’ll see.
  • Hawaii Five-O – This is on the list for one reason: I hated that they killed Chin Ho Kelly’s wife and tossed his cousin Kono Kalakaua in the ocean to drown. Threats to the islander characters felt racist to me. Granted, Steve’s Mom was also threatened, but I’ve already said that I don’t like the focus on Steve’s past and his family. Hawaii is a vibrant, multi-cultural, place. It must be difficult to convey that on television. I’m just reserving judgment.
  • Top Gear – When there are new episodes, we’ll watch.
  • Warehouse 13 – Not sure where they’re going with the evil Artie story line. It certainly shakes things up.
  • American Horror Story – The next season is a prequel set in a mental asylum. It could be creepy and scary, but I’m not sure why they fixated on Jessica Lange’s character.
  • The Walking Dead – Don’t get me wrong. It’s a good show. It’s just not one that makes us excited to watch. We know it will be good when we do watch it, we just don’t feel compelled to do so.


  • Person of Interest – the first few episodes in which John had to rescue Mr. Finch from Root had me riveted. Amy Acker was terrific as Root, the wide-eyed psycho. There was genuine suspense within and between episodes. Definitely watching.
  • White Collar – Neal’s dad isn’t dead? Oh, yeah, we’re watching.
  • Castle – Enjoying it too much to let the specter of relationship issues move this to another category.
  • Lost Girl – The most recent season’s story arc was quite good. The cast has gelled, the writing is on target, and we’re looking forward to more.
  • Bones – So far, returning Bones to the Jeffersonian is working out. I’m a little curious what’s going to happen with the baby. Not sure it’s going to stay as a story device. If it doesn’t, I’ll lose some respect for the writers.
  • Fringe – It’s the final season, so I feel compelled to watch. Hoping it ends well.
  • The Mentalist – Enjoying the season so far.
  • Doctor Who – Good-bye, Ponds. Welcome back, River. Interested to see where they’re going to go with no one knowing who the Doctor is anymore.
  • Justified – Can’t wait for another season.
  • Rizzoli & Isles – The whole arc of Jane’s dad having a kid out of wedlock, and how Jane, her mom, and her brother handled it was good. Plus, Maura trying to get to know her mother was handled well. Ready for more.
  • Falling Skies – Love what we’re seeing. Want to see more.
  • Once Upon a Time – Really enjoying this more than I thought I would.


  • Alcatraz – We hardly knew ye.
  • Breaking In – Adding Megan Mullaly was not the right thing to do.
  • The River
  • The Finder – sad about this one
  • Eureka – even more sad about this


  • Elementary – No, it’s not classical Sherlock Holmes, but they are adding many of the classic elements to the show. I’m just not sure the writers know how to write, or show, mysteries.
  • Arrow – Yeah, I know. It’s the Green Arrow reimagined for the CW. There’s no way it’s actually good. I just can’t look away.
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