All Caught Up

Posted on January 21, 2015


downloadSorry, folks. Can’t blame the whiskey for the lack of movie post this week. I’m just caught up. I was hoping to watch a movie called Easy Money, but the disk from Netflix was messed up. Won’t get the replacement until tomorrow. Haven’t managed to watch Gone or Argo yet, though they’re both here.

The last week or so we watched the entire first season of Penny Dreadful, which we loved (and Amazon had a great deal on the DVD set), and both seasons of DaVinci’s Demons. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the first season, which weaves a fictional conspiracy theory into the real politics of 15th Century politics. If that sounds boring, I recommend watching the show. That was a fascinating time in European history, and crucial to the development of European culture. Second season is less focused. High hopes for the next one, though.

So until next week, here’s some images just for fun. This, you can blame on the whiskey.

Now you can give a flying eff:


Generally how I feel on Friday around 5:00 PM:behold-the-field-in-which-i-grow-my-fucks


I use this one anytime I need to say “Nope” to a post on Facebook:




And, in closing, our Dachshund mix. Sometimes she forgets how to dog:



See you next week!

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